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ProtonMail is a web-based encrypted email service provided by Proton Technologies AG. ProtonMail is designed as a zero knowledge system. It has approximately 1 million active users. ProtonMail recently launched its official application for Android devices to ease use of ProtonMail’s web app in the palm of our hands. This most secure email service offers its ProtonMail APK with great user interface and usability. ProtonMail APK also provides same default security with privacy without any hurdle similar to the web application. Using this Android app we can easily read, respond and organize all our emails. This app makes let us to stay up to date with push notifications.

ProtonMail’s modern interface provides innovative features to customize swipe gestures and the ability to send expiring emails. You can report bugs about this app on Android devices using “Report Bugs” option which is available on app. ProtonMail application requires Android 4.0.3 or higher.

Additional Information about ProtonMail APK

  • Web address for ProtonMail email service is
  • Registration is required to use ProtonMail and you can do it using ProtonMail APK.
  • This apk application is available in English.
  • Initial page or homepage of this application only contains two options. Create new account by clicking on “Create Account” button. If you are already have an account then you can sign in by tapping on “Sign In” button.
  • Inbox is beautifully organized with different Labels.
  • In a little span ProtonMail is rated as a one of the top most using application on Google Play store.
  • This APK application may not work or success rate is low on older versions of Android.
  • ProtonMail does not integrate its services with any other third party applications on Android because using third party application to access a secure email service may defeat entire purpose.

protonmail apk

Why should we use ProtonMail?

We recommend you to use ProtonMail because it protects you from web spies. You can have a secured communication with the help of End-to-End encryption, Data security and Neutrality, Anonymous Email, 100% free secure email and easy to use.

By using below link you can download and install ProtonMail app on your Android devices

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Use ProtonMail APK on your device to ease access of ProtonMail on your Android device. You will love the good user interface and usability of this application on Android.